Cozy Winter Bedroom Decorations

Turning your home from summer living to a winter hibernation retreat is simple yet enjoyable. The bedroom is always considered a reflection to the season’s fashion and if you are one of those who wish to reflect the icy weather in the style of their rooms, read the following ideas on making your bedroom warmer and more inviting.

The simple way to reflect the wintery chill in your bedroom is to opt for soft furnishings that provide warmth, such as pillows duvets, faux fur throws and soft and shaggy rugs.

To feel the power of the cold winter, paint the walls of your bedroom in icy shades of blue and grey and combine them with stark whites. To get a true wintery feel, paint your bedroom walls in light colors and use white or pale grey bed linen.

To make your bedroom warmer, opt for a flowing valance that is longer than the height of the bed and use fluffy down duvets and throws of faux fur. If you want to eliminate the feeling of the cold into your bedroom room, then you should go in for velvety throws and pillow soft covers. Try to add lots of candles inside your bedroom.

To add a warm touch to your bedroom, then you need to add rugs on either side of your bed. To set the scene in your bedroom, use shades of brown to paint the walls and pair them with snowy hues, like soft gray or frosty blue. To grant your bedroom a warm feel, consider using cushions in faux fur, velvet and wool.

For maximum comfort, keep a mohair blanket or throw over the back of your sofa. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about cozy winter bedroom decorations.


Office interior design concepts

In order to get more yield out of your office production, you should have great office interior design to give you motivating power. Hence take a look at this article and the pictures of fantastic office interior design that bring creativity in every employee.

Office interior is a mixture of contemporary design and luxurious touches that reflect professional life style. Round–trimmed desks and the bright lights give you relaxation and encourage productivity.

Functionalist office design gives you the spirit of the functional office look. However, you do not feel pressure to work. The good balance between colors of blue and green reflect on the overall atmosphere.

When bright colors and geometric shapes in the ceiling gather, they give life to everything in the office.

You will never feel that you are in the office if you have this impression that the beach is so near you.

You can experience great excitement in your office with the help of elements from a sci-fi movie. You can even make the office place similar to vacation escapes because the elements of relaxation that results in concentration are found in the office.

A perfect office interior design must keep in consideration the lighting and reflections for an ideal working environment. Squares and boxes will make you have an office which is typically Japanese. It is not an ordinary office, the second level meeting room gives you a clean and classy work environment.


Rustic Living Room Furniture


Recycling: A colorful deck seating area makeover

 Updated Seating Area and Deck Space
Super bright right?

I was determined to make this space as bright and cheerful as humanly possible, since out backyard isn't the most glorious spot. I just can't wait till the spring and summertime is in full swing, so I can hang out here a lot more.
The only thing I still haven't done is put up the sunshade we have planned over the benches corner- but I'm waiting for the winter to be officially over before we go through the effort of putting that up.
Anyways, here is a basic breakdown of the deck project:
The Benches:

So, this is what the benches started out looking like:
Last spring we recovered the seats that came with the benches and made them look super cute like this:
Sadly however, with limited storage space at the time, the seats didn't last outside well. With one claw mark from a neighborhood cat walking across the seats, they were officially destroyed.  ;( I recovered them AGAIN with whatever tablecloths I could find, to look like this:
I know, not nearly as pretty...
Then with some bad weather that summer/fall, the cushions started to get mold inside and the tops started to peal. This past winter, I had to throw away the seats, as at that point there was no saving them.
So I thought to myself "How can we still have these benches used, but without the seats?" We decided to pick up some plywood sheets, cut them to size and attached them overtop of the benches. I then spray painted them the brightest color I could find- Seaside teal blue. For the 3 benches, I used 3 1/2 cans of spray paint. 
I also was on the hunt for cushions. After much research, I was dismayed by how freak'n expensive bench cushions are! One evening earlier this month I wandering around Wal-mart for some hope of finding something to make the cushions out of and I came across an end bin filled with these adorable body pillows.
*lightbulb moment* I just will use these as back cushions and it will bring in the bright colors! At first I snapped up 3 pillows (I thought "we have 3 benches, that should be enough right?) at $8.88 a piece.
After getting home and testing them out on the benches (in the dark, mind you) I noticed I really needed 1 more pillow.

Oh no! I need more pillows!

But being it was late and I was tired, I hoped for the best that I'd find another pillow the next day. Luckily, they had 1 left when I returned *phew!*
I then was on the hunt for the throw pillows- I refused to pay more than $5 a piece, which even Wal-mart didn't have that cheap in bright colors. I already had the large teal pillow (far left), but I knew I wanted a few more. After a trip to my trusty Salvation Army, I found exactly what I needed- more bright throw pillows- ranging from $2-4 each.
I just love all the color!
Savation Army finds!
Colorful DIY outdoor deck seating benches makeover pillows
Us enjoying the pillows on the benches. ;)
 Woo! Our Salvation Army is always a godsend went it comes to things like that. lol
Tire Coffee Table:
Earlier this year my car needed 2 tires replaced. Knowing that they charge you to dispose of them, I asked our mechanic to just stick them in my car, as "I'm going to use them as planters." I was determined to save money and use these tires for SOMETHING. After seeing numerous ways to use tires as furniture or planters on Pinterest, I got the idea to make it into a coffee table for the deck. We had this round piece of glass leftover from an old coffee table the hubs picked up (which I thought was hideous, but refused to get rid of the glass portion as "we can at least use that.") We first used the glass in our 80s party decor (putting it over our round dining room table with Christmas lights under it) however it was slightly too small to keep on our dining room table all the time. 
painting tire table
spray painting the tires (they rested on the spare bench we had- that was in the worst shape of the bunch).
So after spray-painting the tires with my favorite Key Lime green/yellow color spray paint (which I painted our kitchen breakfast nook chairs with), I stuck the glass on top of the tire stack and tada- instant table! Eventually I might put something inside the tires- Lights, sparkle, flowers or something. But for now, it works.
I finished off the table with some Dollar store bright finds.
 Rest of the Deck:

The rest of the deck includes our classic patio furniture with umbrella. I set the table with some cheerful place settings, to enjoy some soup and bread eventually. 

And for the little nook left on the deck, I setup 2 of my soda fountain chairs on either side of a spare tv table I have (I'm debating over painting it a bright color as well eventually).

Overall, I just love how the bench corner turned out. Each day that I can't hang out here, I get antsy (since its been quite cold everday since I set it up on Saturday). Even though I have to bring all the pillows indoors during inclimant weather, I still think it will be much more lasting as a fun outdoor space, than previous attempts. lol
View from the steps going up to the deck
Did I mention how lovely a day it was on Saturday?
Here is some of the pricing for the project. All the candles, flowers, etc. I got from the Dollar Store (except the green lantern- which I got on sale for $5 from Target last end of summertime):

Even at night, the space is fun- I set up mason jars with LED tea lights all around the deck, besides the actual candles. I just can't wait to hangout here more!

lighting the way.
It wasn't that difficult of a project, and if you have the right materials, I bet ya'll could do it too!