Ideas for Stripes in Home Decorating

It seems like people either like or dislike stripes. I happen to love using stripes in the home. Stripes can be incorporated into the decor through wall paint, area rugs, bedding, upholstered furniture, stair runners, and smaller accessories.
I am currently eyeing a red and white striped rug for my apartment's entryway. Unfortunately, the rug has been sold out for a while - proof that stripes are becoming popular again!

You have decided you love stripes, what's next? As with any pattern, stripes dominate the design of the space. Therefore, you have to really commit to incorporating stripes in any room. Also, my personal suggestion is when designing a room is to have only one strong pattern in the room and let it be the centerpiece.
For example, if you have a large window in the living room and have coverd it with a fabric with a bold pattern, I would suggest choosing a solid paint color for the walls and furniture with light or no patterns. However, don't be afraid to bring in other patterns more subtly through small rugs or pillows.

The pattern of stripes also has a psychological effect on the design. Horizontal lines lead the eye around the room. Vertical stripes direct the attention toward the top of the wall and the ceiling. They also make the ceiling seem higher than it is (bonus for homes with low ceilings).

What are your thoughts on using stripes in your home?