Affordable Ways to Revamp Your Living Quarters

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You do not need a degree in interior design or a lot of money to take your living quarters from boring to charming. It will require some planning and creativity, but it can be surprisingly simple to achieve. Having a formal strategy will help you keep track of budget spending to ensure that you can complete the job and breathe new life and personality into your living quarters.

Determine Your Budget
Knowing up-front what you have to work with will help determine how far you can take your redecoration efforts. Furthermore, list your priorities so you don’t end up blowing the majority of your budget on items you care little about (like coasters) and leave little spending money on design components you personally value.

Clean out the Old to Fund the New Take stock of the stuff you can part with and then have a yard sale. Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure. What you view as unwanted , someone else will see as opportunity, which may translate into extra funds for your decorating budget. Sell your goods on Craigslist or Ebay, or hold an old-fashioned garage sale! Consider this strongly as it is a great way to give your budget a boost. In fact, take the money that you make from the yard sale to fund the revamp of your living quarters if you do not have a budget to begin with.  

Paint and Fabric
A can of paint and a few yards of strategically placed fabric can change the look of your home without breaking the bank. Use the paint to create a few accent walls in your home. For example, bring the beige walls in the living room back to life by enhancing one wall with cappuccino or olive green. To make the room more cohesive, color the parallel wall in the dining room the same color to bring the two rooms together.

Fabric can be used to cover the sofa and pillows to create an entirely new look. This works best if you have some idea of how to sew, as it requires that you measure the couch and sew casings for the pillows. However, if you do not know how to sew you could always buy pre-made sofa covers and a few throw pillows instead. Changing the hue and draping of your curtains will also have a transforming effect for the entire room, as it will influence the filtering of the light.

Houseplants can rejuvenate any room in the home, including the bathroom. The green, leafy pathos plant requires little light and a green thumb is not required. Though many people associate spider plants with the outdoors,use them to bring nature’s freshness into your home. For an exotic look (and larger budget), incorporate a palm tree into your aesthetic; this plant loves indirect light and dry soil, making it extremely easy to care for. Additionally, don’t be so hasty to scratch fake plants off the list, as they last longer and can be equally as effective and beautiful. For a modern appeal, feature flower designs made from fun materials like paper, wire or wood.

Pictures and Mirrors
Pictures on the wall add personality. A trip to the Dollar store or Dollar General will yield surprising results in the way of finding beauty accents for the walls in your home. For less than $40, you can add three beautiful signature pictures over the back wall of your couch. Another key element to consider is the presence of mirrors, as they make a room appear larger and can double as wall art. The rectangular wardrobe type mirrors are not just for the back of the bathroom door anymore. Consider using three or four lined up adjacent to each other on the wall behind the sofa for a contemporary look.  

No matter how much time you put into creating a unique and beautiful home, all efforts will be in vain if junk runs amok. Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, invest in simple organizational aids that will keep miscellaneous clutter neatly tucked away. Furthermore, by reorganizing a few things, you can find new uses for old things. For example, relocate a table from inside the house to the porch or begin to use a small table as a desk. When revamping, it’s almost as if you see things in a different light. Organizing your kitchen, living room, or bathroom can even remove unnecessary stress, considering everything will have a place.


With time and imagination, revamping your living space can be do-able and, more importantly, affordable. Think about it as a chance to not only make over the house, but to make over yourself! In the long run, an organized and upbeat home can make every day run smoother and bring a new level of satisfaction.