How to Make a festive Christmas crown

This is a really quick and easy craft idea. 3yo loves making this crown. It is really versatile as it can be made for a special occasion like Christmas, or just for fun with any odd bits of paper or card. Cutting out pictures from magazines looks good. As does painting the crown all different colours.
Here is a step by step guide to making the paper plate crown – which we made here as a festive Christmas Crown.   You will need:
  1. Paper plate
  2. Scissors
Then for decoration, either paint, or coloured paper/card and glue.
Glitter, tinsel, feathers, or leaves, could be used as well.
First start off by making your crown…

Now you are ready to start decorating!
  1. Take a normal paper plate
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Cut from the middle of the folded part towards the edge, like pizza pieces.
  4. Fold the pieces back to make a crown
  5. Try it on for size!
  6. Start sticking coloured paper, leaves, glitter, anything – onto the triangles
  7. Add as much or a little onto your crown
  8. You should now have a colourful crown
All it needs…  is little more bling – as it is Christmas we added some tinsel.

I am already imagining everyone sitting down to Christmas dinner, wearing these hats!  I like making this crown, as the variations are almost endless. Toddlers love making things and they can do almost all of this themselves. Cutting the paper plate with scissors, is the only bit I take total control of!